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The viewers don’t rush in like I had hoped they would.

But I knew it would likely be slow at first since shows don’t make it to the front page of the site until they have thousands of viewers. Thank goodness my frizz magically disappears on cam.

A few people come in and out, their screen names passing through my viewer list too quickly for me to attempt to engage them. I find myself explaining that it is my very first show every minute or so as hundreds of viewers filter through my room, each asking me how I am doing and what I have planned for the night. Daddys Girl is getting hard just imagining what my ass would feel like to spank. I struggle to keep up with the flow of conversation in the chat window and try in vain to say hello to each new viewer as his or her name appears. Many viewers come in hurling insults: “Go run until you drop dead, Landwhale,” but I know the drill -- never feed the trolls.

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