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Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Programs. Registration Programs, Purpose and Definitions Generally. Further, the General Assembly recognizes that law enforcement officers' efforts to protect communities, conduct investigations, and quickly apprehend offenders who commit sex offenses or certain offenses against minors are impaired by the lack of information available to law enforcement agencies about convicted offenders who live within the agency's jurisdiction. (c) If a person required to register changes his or her academic status either by enrolling as a student or by terminating enrollment as a student, then the person shall, within three business days, report in person to the sheriff of the county with whom the person registered and provide written notice of the person's new status. If the person has a different address, then the person shall indicate that fact and the new address. Whether the person still uses or intends to use any online identifiers last reported to the sheriff.

The General Assembly also recognizes that persons who commit certain other types of offenses against minors, such as kidnapping, pose significant and unacceptable threats to the public safety and welfare of the children in this State and that the protection of those children is of great governmental interest. If the sheriff is notified by the sexual offender that he or she intends to remain in this State, the sheriff shall promptly report this information to the Department of Public Safety. Whether the person still resides at the address last reported to the sheriff.

The state has not been able to ensure the street addresses are accurate enough to share with the public."You have to go and you have to knock on a door and you have to verify that an address that is given to the department, that a person is actually living there," said Scott Waterman, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, adding later, "Doing that for all who are on the registry would be a full time job, and no one does that full time."An online tutorial for the registry encourages members of the public to "use address searches to map out bike rides, walks, and other activities in unfamiliar areas," even though such a search is impossible."Be sure to frequently run address searches on places such as your home, your children's schools, and local playgrounds," advises the Vermont Sex Offender Registry tutorial.

Jeffrey Wallin, head of the Vermont Crime Information Center that runs the registry, said in an email that he was working to change the language in the tutorial, which was written by a state vendor and is not applicable for Vermont.

Update your information by following the instructions in Attachment 1 (existing MITS account), or Attachment 2 (new MITS account).

If your organization has a Medicaid Provider Number, you already have an account.

County Boards and provider agencies are required to check six different registries when conducting pre- and post-hiring registry checks of employees.

Instead of searching six different websites, you now can check all six registries at once by using the Automated Registry Check System (ARCS).

Release of information about these offenders will further the governmental interests of public safety so long as the information released is rationally related to the furtherance of those goals. The following definitions apply in this Article: (1a) "Aggravated offense" means any criminal offense that includes either of the following: (i) engaging in a sexual act involving vaginal, anal, or oral penetration with a victim of any age through the use of force or the threat of serious violence; or (ii) engaging in a sexual act involving vaginal, anal, or oral penetration with a victim who is less than 12 years old. The written notice shall include the name and address of the institution of higher education at which the student is or was enrolled. If the person has any new or different online identifiers, then the person shall provide those online identifiers to the sheriff. Whether the person still uses or intends to use the name under which the person registered and last reported to the sheriff.The Vermont Department of Public Safety was told to ensure that the data were free of errors and that the registry had fixed problems identified by the State Auditor's Office before they were allowed to post addresses.After more than eight years of discussion, the online Vermont Sex Offender Registry still lacks detailed information about where high-risk offenders live.Sex offender registries in other states, including New Hampshire and New York, include offenders' last known street addresses.Vermont lawmakers requested that the online sex offender registry include street addresses for high-risk or non-compliant offenders in a 2009 law, and again in 2015.The easiest way to update your account is to have your MITS administrator (usually your fiscal or billing person who handles claims) update the provider information by following the instructions in the Automated Registry Check System User Guide.

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